It always thrills me when people say my music made them think of a certain image or feel a certain emotion, so it's no surprise that I love writing for film and TV! The challenge of supporting the action and dialogue with music that is moving but not overpowering is one I'm always up for, and I hope to do more of it in the future! Please enjoy the videos below, and drop me a line at if you're looking for a film composer for your next project!


This is "West of Hot Dog", a 19-minute silent film from 1924, with a score I wrote that won a film scoring contest sponsored by the University of Wyoming. It stars Stan Laurel, who would later become half of the famous Laurel and Hardy duo.

My prize for winning the contest was airfare and accommodations to Laramie, Wyoming, to watch as they screened the movie at a film festival while 5 musicians performed the score live as the film played. It was fantastic! Unfortunately, a professional recording was not possible, so the score is rendered here with synthesized instruments. I scored it for clarinet, violin, percussion, contrabass, and out-of-tune piano. :-)


Here are some clips from a movie I scored called "York Street 1929", written and directed by Stephan Anspichler. A deeply emotional family drama set at the time of the Great Depression in New York City, it relates the fortunes of a European immigrant family during one of the hardest times America has ever seen. Not the romantic comedy you might be expecting!


This is a one-minute piece of music that hasn't been paired up with a video yet. It's a fun, bouncy song that would be perfect for a charcter who is in a great mood or just received very exciting news! If you're interested in licensing this song, please contact me at


This is a fun, 30-second jazz trio piece that would work for any scene where the character is taking a leisurely stroll down the street. Contact me at if you'd like to license it.


This is a vibrant, uptempo piano techno piece, 30 seconds long, that would work for any scene where the viewer is supposed to be seduced! Contact for licensing.